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Spectra Pro Winnower

Product Information

Spectra Pro Winnower – (240 Volts – Single Phase)

The Spectra Pro Winnower is the latest innovation from Spectra… all new in 2018, this all new Spectra Cocoa Winnower is designed to work for both the amateur or a professional and an ideal size. It can handle about 30 kgs/hr  of cocoa nibs or similar. In conjunction with the Spectra Pro Cracker, it can be an invaluable addition to your bean to bar enterprise.

Multiple control points in the feeder, suction and the flow system allow you to control the degree of separation of the husk from the nibs easily and finely. One or two passes can produce a 98% separation easily.


  • CE certified motors and electronics provide long lasting service. All food contact parts are in food grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Fine dust collection, adjustable rubber padded legs, robust supports, powerful all Stainless steel blower –  all together provide a full package that can be shipped worldwide.
  • Above all, easy to operate, and to maintain.


  • Voltage – 220 – 240 Volts – Single Phase
  • Capacity – approx. 30 Kgs/hr
  • 1 Year Warranty.

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